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Tuition Management Solutions for your Workforce

Your employees want to continue their education. Why? They’re looking to gain new skills and advance their career. But, for many, tuition costs are standing in the way and preventing them from going back to school. And it might be affecting your company's bottom line.

How? When employees are stressed about building the skills they need to stay up to date, finding an education program that meets their needs, paying tuition, and more, it affects their focus, engagement, and productivity at work. Providing education assistance to your employees is more valuable than you might think. Enter: tuition management solutions.

Tuition Management Solutions and Employee Recruitment & Retention 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 40 million American workers quit their jobs every year, leaving employers with many vacant positions and limited options to help fill them, especially in today’s competitive job market.


What's more: it's becoming increasingly expensive to recruit top workers. Research shows it costs up to $40,000 to recruit new employees. The solution? Look to your most important asset — your current employees.


Research shows that 94% of employees would remain in their organization if they had the support of employer-sponsored tuition assistance to grow their skills and further their careers


Organizations that invest in tuition management solutions such as tuition reimbursement programs for employees, an employee education assistance program, and/or student loan benefits programs will see a bump in employee retention

Tuition Management Solutions Close Skill Gaps 

Not only do tuition management solutions boost retention, but they also help employees build the skills they need in order to keep your organization running smoothly. Rather than recruit new employees or outsource specific operational aspects of the business, employers can invest in tuition assistance programs to help their current employees acquire the skills they need to get the job done.   

Tuition Management Solutions Through Bright Horizons  

EdAssist by Bright Horizons® is dedicated to providing high-quality tuition management solutions — employee education assistance programs or tuition assistance programs — to organizations nationwide.  

What should I know about tuition management solutions?

How should an organization implement tuition management solutions for employees?

Working with an organization like EdAssist takes tuition management solutions off your plate. Industry experts and one centralized platform make everything easier for your organization. Thinking about introducing tuition management solutions — an employer tuition reimbursement program, student loan benefit program, or employer tuition assistance program — at your organization? Look to EdAssist for the guidance you need.  

What are the benefits of tuition management solutions?  

Tuition management solutions help employers boost employee retention and save on recruitment costs. High ROI is another benefit, along with an increase in employee engagement and productivity.  

How do employees benefit from tuition management solutions?  

Sometimes — depending on the on-site child care program and the organization, a pre-K program may be included.


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