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Bright Horizons® — a leading provider of employer-sponsored child care around the globe with over 30 years of experience — can help you get started and manage your own employer on-site child care center.

An on-site child care can provide high quality early education and preschool that working parents want for their family. Offering employer on-site child care at your company is a great way to attract and retain employees, as well as boost their productivity by providing a convenient location for child care.

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FAQs: What do Companies Ask About Employer On-Site Child Care?

What is employer on-site child care?

On-site child care is an employer-sponsored child care program located at the workplace. On-site child care is a valuable benefit for employees balancing careers and families.

Why should employers worry about working parents?

Finding affordable, high-quality child care is a big struggle for working parents. Local daycares may be able to offer a location close to home for working parents, but few providers can accommodate the needs of parents who are working long hours or who have unusual schedules. The difficulty of coordinating care often causes promising employees to decide to stay at home rather than return to work. 

These child care dilemmas can be extremely costly for businesses. About one-third of today’s workers are also parents, and many are delaying parenthood to their 30s and 40s when they’re established in their careers and are serving in senior-level roles. Losing these talented high-level employees can be expensive, costing as much 400% times their salary to replace. More importantly, the loss of exceptional workers is a significant setback to businesses trying to build a high-performance workforce. 

Many employers are addressing these concerns by offering on-site child care, and the impact is significant. In a recent study, 90% of respondents indicated that the option of onsite daycare makes them more likely to continue to work for their organization, and 92% of respondents agree that it positively impacts their overall well-being.  When companies provide access to quality child care with convenient locations and hours, the result is happier, more engaged, loyal workers who value their employer’s support.

How does having an employer on-site child care help employees?

On-site child care companies can simplify the lives of working parents who often struggle to find affordable, quality child care that fits their schedule.

What are the business advantages of on-site daycare?

Employers who implement on-site daycare provide critical support for employees who are struggling to balance work and family responsibilities. On-site care can also help working parents advance their careers. By sponsoring child care programs, businesses can benefit from improved retention, recruitment, and productivity.

More About Employer On-Site Child Care:

Employer on-site child care center development

We help companies create in-depth center development plans for in-house child care. These plans cover everything from financial analysis to detailed site and facility analysis.

Employer on-site child care center management

For many companies, center management can be intimidating. Bright Horizons takes that off your plate, too. We create the curriculum and handle daily operations, hiring, payroll, licensing, and everything else that comes with running a company-sponsored child care center.

How the lack of employer on-site child care affect parents

In the U.S., many families are unable to afford the high costs of child care. Plus, 63% of U.S. families have both parents working — and this dilemma can lead to lower productivity in the office. Child sick days can leave parents scrambling for emergency care and, in turn, can affect their work performance. Many families have even been reported to postpone parenting well into their 30s and 40s. Working parents are actively choosing job opportunities with employer on-site child care — when they can worry less about their children and know they’re being well cared for, parents can be more committed to their work.


Family care benefits have never been more important. See how Bright Horizons can support your team.

Bright Horizons is a United States–based child-care provider and is the largest provider of employer-sponsored child care. Employees looking to become a child care teacher are offered the opportunity to earn an early education degree for free as part of their corporate benefits. Search by zip to find a child care center near you. Bright Horizons Global Headquarters are in Newton, Massachusetts, USA.