Learn About Bright Horizons Back-Up Care Advantage

Back Up Care Advantage

The back-up care advantage

Businesses today are facing a multibillion-dollar problem in lost productivity: top employees are frequently missing meetings, deadlines, and billable hours due to family emergencies they have no way of controlling or predicting.

Employer-sponsored back-up care is an effective solution to this problem, providing workers with easy access to professional care at any time, in any place. Employers across many industries are using this back-up care advantage to recruit and retain the most talented workers, while increasing productivity and business continuity.

Bright Horizons is a leading provider of back-up care, offering nation-wide coverage and a range of care options that include in-home care, center-based care, and emergency child care.

Why employers are adopting back-up care programs

Workers of every generation today are facing distinct and urgent gaps in family care. Whether it’s young children at home or an aging relative, workers are often torn between the need to remain productive at work and their obligation to care for dependents at home.

For employers, this tension results in lost productivity when employees must miss work to take care of emergencies. It can also cause top talent to pass on promotions, to cut back on hours or to leave the company in order to manage responsibilities at home.

The wide range of employees who struggle to balance work and home obligations may include:

  • A single parent struggling to find after-school care for their school-age children
  • A relocated employee who doesn’t have family living nearby to help in an emergency
  • A Gen X employee with an injured spouse or an adult child who needs close attention
  • A new parent trying to find temporary care as they wait for daycare opportunities to open up
  • An employee in a regional office where inclement weather causes frequent disruptions
  • A millennial concerned about finding care for an aging parent who lives far away
  • A dual-career couple in need of short-term care when school holidays come around

Many employees end up dealing with a mix of these concerns as they take on the responsibility of caring simultaneously for young children and aging parents.

Clearly, the demand for back-up care is high, and offering family care programs can be a powerful way to retain employees, recruit top talent, and maximize efficiency in the workplace.

Back-up care with Bright Horizons

Whether they’re supporting growing children, elderly parents, or ill spouses, workers can rely on Bright Horizons to organize high-quality care for any emergency by simply making a phone call. Bright Horizons provides the back-up care advantage that enables companies to better support employees in their managing their work/life obligations and pursuing their career goals.

Our back-up care options include:

  • Center-based back-up daycare at one of our 3500+ child care centers. Center-based care provides nationwide coverage that delivers care when and where employees need it.
  • In-home care services that make it easy to arrange care at virtually any location. In-home care is provided by Bright Horizons caregivers or other top-rated providers who are vetted, on-boarded and trained by Bright Horizons staff.

Employees can arrange back-up care with Bright Horizons via:

  • 24-Hour Call Center: Highly-trained consultants can answer questions and advise the best care options to meet employees’ needs
  • Mobile App: Employees can reserve care from anywhere with just one click
  • Online Platform: A comprehensive site offers self-service access as well as all the forms required for care


Back-up care advantages for workers and employers

By instituting back-up care advantages, both families and businesses receive the support they need to thrive, maximizing productivity and business continuity. For families, back-up care programs offer the assurance that in the event of an emergency, they can easily arrange quality care for any type of crisis. Back-up care allows career-oriented individuals to concentrate on their professional aspirations without the burden of managing irregular schedules and family emergencies.

For companies, the back-up care advantage involves optimal continuity from day-to-day and enhanced retention and recruitment. Back-up care helps assure that disruptions in employees’ home lives won’t become time-consuming distractions. Businesses offering back-up child care can more easily recruit top workers in every field who have or are planning to start a family. And the peace of mind and assurance that back-up care provides to workers enables top employees to continue to sustain and invest in their careers.

More programs for your workforce

In addition to our back-up programs for child and elder care, we provide additional ways to support employees, boost retention, and help your business run more smoothly:

  • Onsite Child Care: one of the most sought-after employee child care benefits, on-site care offers convenient, education-focused child care located at the workplace
  • Elder care: services that help workers to more effectively care for aging relatives
  • Special Need Services: resources for working parents who need to help children succeed academically and beyond
  • Tuition EdAssist solutions: a highly popular program that enables employees to repay student loans, receive tuition reimbursement, and access education coaching and discounts at nearby institutions to pursue advanced degrees
  • College Coaching: guidance to help parents and their children prepare for and apply to college


FAQs: What is the advantage of back-up care?

What is back-up care?

Back-up allows employees to access emergency care for children, elderly relatives, or other family members when unexpected events occur, minimizing work interruption and absences.

What is the advantage of back-up care for workers?

Many workers are trying to meet career goals while caring for children, elderly family members, injured spouses, or other relatives in need. Back-up care enables them to find care for their loved ones when emergencies arise, without compromising their goals at work.

What is the advantage of back-up care for employers?

Employers who provide back-up care are more likely to retain their best employees with families, many of whom are in well-established careers and are more costly for businesses to lose or replace. With back-up care, employers can also attract highly talented job candidates. For day-to-day productivity, back-up care helps prevent absences and increase focus and efficiency in the workplace, saving significant amounts of money and time.

Does Bright Horizons offer in-home back-up care?

Yes. Bright Horizons programs include access to quality, in-home back-up care for elderly relatives, children, or other family members in need. With one simple phone call, employees across the country can arrange for trained and vetted caregivers to provide appropriate care in the comfort of home.