North American RFP Schedule

The success of our Company is measured by continuously improving process, pricing, product and promotion. In order to meet these four criteria it is necessary to review key categories at regular intervals. This calendar highlights our intention to issue RFP’s for the categories listed below. (Please note based upon ever changing business needs these dates and categories may change). Prospective companies should contact us at the email address below by the contact date to be considered for inclusion in the bid process.

Category: RFP Contact Date By: RFP Release: Contact
Copiers 1 TBD TBD Email Us
Promotional and Apparel 2 TBD TBD Email Us
Smallwares 3 TBD TBD Email Us
Pet Supplies 4 TBD TBD Email Us

Contact Us

To learn more about Bright Horizons’ opportunities for Suppliers, please contact:

Procurement Department
2 Wells Ave. 
Newton, MA 02459

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