Health & Safety Childcare Checklist

Bright Horizons Daycare Teacher in mask with young boy


Choosing a child care center is a major decision under normal circumstances. Today, there are a whole host of additional considerations as you look for an environment that will keep your child healthy and safe, while providing enriching experiences for your family. As you explore options, use this health and safety checklist to help you confidently evaluate the COVID-19 protocols in place in each of the programs you consider.

Drop-Off & Pick-Up Policies:
▢ Does the center perform daily health screens on parents, children, and staff?
▢ Does the health screen include temperature checks and screening questions?
▢ Are there any extra measures taken to minimize contact at drop-off and pick-up?

Face Coverings:
▢ Are teachers and staff required to wear masks?
▢ Are parents required to wear face coverings at drop-off and pick-up?

Visiting the Center:
▢ Are visitors, including parents, excluded from classrooms to minimize exposure risk?
▢ Are enrichment providers and other visitors on hold during this time?

Class & Group Sizes:
▢ How is the center practicing physical distancing?
▢ Is the center reducing group sizes and keeping consistent groups of children and teachers?
▢ Are teachers keeping children safe and physically distant during outdoor play?

Snack & Mealtimes:
▢ Is the center modifying food preparation and service to ensure safe snack and mealtimes?
▢ Does the center provide guidelines for families to pack lunch and snack safely?
▢ Are children physically distanced during snack and mealtimes?

Cleaning, Sanitizing, & Hand-Washing:
▢ Does the center have specific cleaning, sanitizing, and hand-washing practices throughout the center and after the center closes each day?
▢ How do teachers help children keep their hands clean?
▢ Does the center teach children good hygiene practices in an effective and age appropriate way?

My Child’s Development & Well-Being:
▢ How do children learn about health and safety in a developmentally appropriate way?
▢ What do teachers do to help children feel comfortable with masks in the classroom?
▢ Does the center have resources to help parents transitioning back to care under new guidelines?

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Bright Horizons Daycare Teacher in mask with young boy