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At Bright Horizons, we help children, families, and teachers share the joy of reading. Our monthly book recommendations and storytelling tips bring books to life at home; we inspire young minds to develop compassion and acceptance through the work of diverse authors and illustrators; and our Growing Readers: Ready to Read curriculum supplement supports pre-reading and reading skills in our classrooms. 


Mother and daughter read together and discover educational elements of growing readers

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Pajama Story Time

Listen to author and illustrator Oge Mora read two of her books — “Saturday” and “Everybody in the Red Brick Building.” Save the date and join us on November 14!

Growing Readers Review

Take a look at our monthly round-up of top book recommendations for every age group. Plus, find out what to talk about as you read with your child and how to extend their learning.


November’s Growing Readers books are a joyful celebration of relationships and connections. “Animal Architects” shows us that animals aren’t that different from us. In “I Just Want to Say Goodnight” and “Just Like a Mama” we see the warmth of loving family relationships and routines.

Mother and daughter read Bright Horizons Growing Readers early childhood educational books

Growing Readers: Ready to Read

Based on joy, confidence, and skills, this proprietary program connects Growing Readers books to strategic literacy concepts and provides a wide variety of language-rich experiences to prepare preschoolers for reading success.

Young child at daycare learns to read through the Bright Horizons Growing Readers literacy program, ready to read

Growing Readers Book Club

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Join featured authors and Bright Horizons teachers as they read beautiful and engaging Growing Readers books for children of all ages.

  • Animal Architects

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  • Rainbows in Bloom: Discovering Colors with Flowers

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  • Animals from A to Z: Exploring the Americas

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  • Langston Dances

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  • Who Takes Care of You?

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  • May Your Life Be Deliciosa

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  • Red House, Brown Mouse

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  • Everybody in the Red Brick Building

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  • Animals Go Vroom!

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  • We All Play

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  • Shapes

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  • So You Want to Be an Owl

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  • The Elephant's New Shoe

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  • Mayhem at the Museum

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  • Peekaboo Farm

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  • My Family, Your Family

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Animal Architects

Join Teacher Nate for this month's video featuring the book "Animal Architects" and get creative by designing  your own nest or other animal habitat.

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