Scarlett Abraham Clarke Senior Director, Diversity and Inclusion Bio Image

Scarlett Abraham Clarke Senior Director, Diversity and Inclusion

As the Senior Director for Diversity and Inclusion at Bright Horizons, Scarlett is responsible for creating and implementing the overall strategy for ensuring Bright Horizons is an organization that recruits, retains, enables, and empowers a talented, diverse workforce.  From designing employee feedback and training sessions to staying abreast of changes in regulatory and market conditions, Scarlett ensures that Bright Horizons is actively cultivating an atmosphere in which employees of all backgrounds and beliefs feel welcome and valued, and come together for the common purpose of seeing the company succeed nationally and globally.  In addition, Scarlett serves as a consultant and strategic partner to Bright Horizons Executive Leadership and department managers to create and fairly implement policies, coach and support employees’ development, and become aware of unconscious bias and the business value of creating an inclusive and diverse team.

Scarlett holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Developmental Psychology from Suffolk University, serves on the board of the Northeast Human Resources Association (NEHRA) and has over 10 years in the field of HR.