Working Parents Succeed with a Little Help from Their Friends (and Back-Up Care!)

Working mom with baby in the office

Sometimes clients make our case for us. 

We give you exhibit A — smiling baby (that face!).

And exhibit B -- this caption:

“When you're invited to a very important meeting with your company and you have to choose between traveling for 4 days and possibly losing your milk supply or staying home and missing DON'T choose one and instead bring the baby on his very first business trip so you can continue your nursing journey AND not miss out on this great professional opportunity.
“Thanks to @ddbny for offering a partnership with @brighthorizons so that I can arrange back-up care even when on a business trip to make this possible. #ddbtogether #workingmom #worklifeintegration” 

Work/family/career…working parents really can fit it all in. It just takes a little help from our friends (and some back-up care).

Woo hoo for the work/life success story! And congrats, Jennifer for all the accomplishments.

We’re big believers in mixing work AND family. And we’re big fans of our clients who give employees like Jennifer the tools (like back-up care) to make it work.

Parents have the hard part juggling work and family. We get the joy of helping them out.

Thanks for the shoutout, Jennifer!

We’ll be there for you any time.

Working mom with baby in the office

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