How Mercedes-Benz Measures the True ROI of Its Child Care Center

A child care teacher with a group of students at a table

For Mercedes Benz, “The best or nothing,” is more than a catchy corporate tagline — it’s a mission statement that extends well beyond its fleet of luxury cars. The world-renowned auto manufacturer aims to live that mission every day in service of the 695 employees working at its US Headquarters in Metro-Atlanta, offering a state-of-the-art on-site child care center for Mercedes’ working parents.

Lars Minns, Mercedes-Benz North American CHRO, explains the unique ROI the center offers: “I think if we have one or all families saying to us, ‘Thank you very much for this great benefit,’ that’s a significant return on investment that a dollar amount can never measure.” Though Minns emphasizes the non-numerical impact of offering on-site child care, the center has also helped Mercedes maintain a high retention rate in an Atlanta job market suffering from a significant labor shortage.

See how Mercedes-Benz partnered with Bright Horizons to deliver best-in-class child care, better integrate work and life, and keep their top talent in-house.

A child care teacher with a group of students at a table

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