October HR News Roundup: What People are Talking About

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With the publication of this piece in the New York Times, November's already got a lot of people talking about the struggles of working parents. But there was plenty of talk in October as well. What was on the minds of HR people last month? Check out our HR news roundup of some of the top stories.

Recruitment and Retention - Is It a War for Talent?

Competition for talent is hot these days, with hiring, holding on to, and developing the best people at top of mind.

Learning leaders' want to get employees to see the beauty of the lateral move, no surprise with flattening companies making the route to the top more challenging. TLNT wants to show you how to retain your diverse talent. And with today's competitive job market and stagnant wages, a new report from SHRM says more organizations are looking to benefits to help recruit and retain top talent.

Work-Life: Balance, Integration, or Something Completely Different?

National Work and Family month in October provided lots of commentary on the subject of work/life balance.

Anne-Marie Slaughter's new book continued the conversation about working women, while her husband chimed in about putting his wife's career first. The NYTimes pulled back the curtain on how Work-Life Balance Poses Challenges Regardless of Wealth, showing that "Being high achievers isn't easy."

And work/life balance isn't just a working-mother problem. Scott Behson, PhD, Author of The Working Dad's Survival Guide was among 30 work-life experts lauding Working Mother Magazine's impact for all working parents - including dads. LifeMeetsWork provided this candid Q&A with a working dad who's an attorney at O'Melveny & Myers LLP (full disclosure: the law firm is a Bright Horizons client). And Boston College Center for Work & Family released The New Dad: A Portrait of Today's Father, part of six-year-long research series addressing outdated workplace assumptions about the work-family conflicts dads experience.

Corporate Culture and the Employee Experience

Over on the culture side, how to create a positive workplace is getting lots of HR attention.

The folks at the TED Radio Hour, focused a full episode on the humorous and helpful, including what makes work satisfying; why ambitious women have flat heads, and why valuing only star employees is an ineffective way to drive high-achieving teams.

The Center for Innovative Cultures convened big names like Zappos and Whole Foods for its first Collaborative Cultures Summit, with lively illustrations of how happy employees translate to happy customers.

And employer brands continue to emerge as a key trend for 2016, with the majority of employers planning to invest more in this area in order to attract top talent.

Employee Wellness - It's Flu Season Again

Finally, the arrival of flu season prompted this list of absurd reasons for calling in sick. But it also reminds us to stay healthy, with Benefits Magazine offering tips to fight the flu in your workforce. One important tip: sick people, please stay home.
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