Education & College Advising in the News: "One of the Hottest Employee Benefits"

college admissions benefits
What's the best benefit you might be missing out on? According to Forbes, it's college coaching. College advice for kids is "becoming one of the hottest employee benefits for Fortune 500 companies," wrote Forbes' Megan Gorman. Why all the attention?

Hundreds of hours compromised

Applying to college takes families between 60 to 200 hours...per child.

A lot gets done at the office

25% of parents with high school children spend more than 10 work hours weekly on college-related tasks -- compromising a quarter of their week at work.

Advice saves time

People who use it have said every hour of advising saves them an estimated 5-10 hours of independent searching.

It's easy to offer -- and casts a wide net

College advising's reach -- via webinars, resources, and one-on-one advice -- touches a lot of people. EY's benefit for example supported 2,150 employees.

It confers benefit equity

"Cradle to graduation" support includes savings strategies for newborns, financial aid strategies for incoming freshman...and everything in between.

It addresses a need

College is the make-or-break of 18 years of parenting -- is it any wonder parents are stressed?

It delivers ROI

Advice from former college admissions and finance officers makes a huge difference. "Our post engagement surveys have shown that 90% of participants say the benefit has reduced stress and given them greater ability to focus on their work," our own Patrick Donovan, SVP, Education Advisory Services at Bright Horizons, told Forbes. Or as American Express told us, "It's really high value, low effort, and incredibly appreciated."

One final note...employees like it -- a lot. "I love that my son can have applications and essays reviewed on this site and get feedback from someone who knows what colleges are looking for on applications," a grateful mother told Forbes. "That feedback from someone other than myself is very valuable." "It takes a village to get a child to college," added Forbes' Megan Gorman of college coaching. "When employers step in and provide a benefit that benefits parents, children and the employer, it is a win for all."

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college admissions benefits