10 New Year's Resolutions for 2017

10 New Year's resolutions
In today's competitive job market, getting employees to stick around is getting increasingly difficult. So, to help drive your talent acquisition and employee retention strategies in 2017, we have 10 New Year's resolutions you can follow.

1. Refresh your benefits strategy

Benefits aren't static, so a "set it and forget it" strategy isn't enough if you want to retain your employees. On average, over half of large employers are rolling out new benefits every three years, and many are looking to their employees for inspiration. Are you keeping pace or getting left behind?

2. Find out which benefits are most important

Certain benefits are key. For example, first-time mothers told our Modern Family Index they're specifically looking for things like at-work child care (69%) and flex time (81%). Are these programs already on your radar? If not, send out an employee survey to learn what they value most.

3. Support new parents

Employees are becoming parents at pivotal moments. The average age for first-time mothers continues to rise, meaning they are more likely to hold important mid-career roles when they have their first child. Do you have programs in place to support these key employees?

4. Keep working parents under your roof

More than half of working parents have left a job for less money but more family friendliness ; and many more are considering it. What do your working parents think? Do they already have one foot out the door?

5. Fuel passion

Nearly three quarters of new graduates entered the workforce this year with debt. This financial strain is causing employees to opt for money over passion; and potentially keeping them from developing important skills your business needs. How does your organization inspire employees to follow their dreams?

6. Amp up employee engagement efforts

Tech skills aren't your only worry. Functional employees (administrative assistants, finance, payroll, sales, IT support, marketing, and customer service) keep your organization running, but at the same time, they're a constant risk because they can so easily take their skills elsewhere. How do you engage and retain these vital employees?

7. Invest in each employee's future

Of all students enrolled in colleges and universities, 25% are over the age of 30, and many want (and could use) their employers' help paying for it. Are you encouraging your employees' educational aspirations?

8. Focus less on their waistlines

Trying to cut healthcare costs is all well and good, but when you're tracking employees' activity and food consumption as part of a wellness program, it can be a bit creepy. Are you sending the wrong message, even if you have the best of intentions?

9. Empower Millennials to become tomorrow's leaders

Millennials have a job-hopping stereotype, but what they're really searching for is guidance in the workplace; 79% see mentoring as crucial to their career success. Do you offer programs that will inspire this critical group of employees?

10. Create a Dream Company environment

Research shows there's more strategic power in giving people a job in a dream company than offering just a dream job. Are you cultivating a supportive organization that takes employee growth and wellbeing seriously? Dream Companies hit all the buttons on the list. Want to be one? Putting these resolutions into practice will not only benefit your employees, but will impact your bottom line; in 2017 and years to come.
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10 New Year's resolutions

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