Three Ways to Keep Learning This Summer

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1. Enhance soft skills and academic skills.  

Soft skills help you build relationships, communicate effectively, solve problems, and boost self-confidence and personal satisfaction, both in and out of work. They’re in high demand by employers, but you’ll benefit from them both professionally and personally. Start by focusing on communication and study skills.  

Communication skills are among the most in-demand soft skills — writing, public speaking, intercultural communication, and more. Here are a few ways to boost yours: 

Study skills are essential for adult learners. Strong study skills contribute to academic success, make coursework more manageable, result in better knowledge retention, and can even help decrease stress. These skills become even more critical when you have other responsibilities in addition to your education. Learn more in our webinar: Academic Skills for a Successful Start.   

2. Update your LinkedIn profile and resume. 

Have you received emails from LinkedIn telling you your profile is getting noticed? Employers, recruiters and hiring managers, executives, and your colleagues use LinkedIn regularly to network and find people who match desired skillsets or fit specific open positions. That's why it's essential to keep your profile up to date and showcase who you are professionally (your brand).  

Keeping your resume current, as well, will be beneficial should an unexpected job opportunity arise. This is more formal than your LinkedIn profile, and should be updated whenever something significant happens — an accomplishment, skill development, or new education credential.   

Learn more about LinkedIn in our webinar: Six Essential Career Tools Part 6 – The LinkedIn Profile.   

3. Check out your local community college. 

More than 1,100 community colleges throughout the U.S. offer courses — both for credit and not. Better yet — they’re affordable! In addition to granting associate degrees, community colleges allow students to take individual courses without pursuing a degree. Course topics include soft skills, languages, cultural activities, workplace training, and even hobbies and sports.  

Alamo Colleges District, for example, offers both online and on-site classes and is an esteemed member of the EdAssist by Bright Horizons® Workforce Education Network (WEN). Plus, it’s the nation’s only institution that is both a Historically Black College and a Hispanic Service Institution.  

Read more on our blog: Benefits of Community Colleges

Make the most of academic and professional opportunities this summer — and remember, EdAssist academic coaches can help you find programs that suit your needs and provide information about your company's tuition assistance benefit.* 

*Program offering varies by employer. Visit your employer’s benefit site to learn more about what’s available to you through your EdAssist benefit.  


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