Bright Horizons Learning and Development Team Wins CLO Award!

Bright Horizons Win CLO Award for Learning & Development
It's no secret around Bright Horizons that we have a seriously talented Learning and Development team. And today, we're happy to report now the rest of the learning and development world knows it, too!

A Shoutout to the Best of the Best

In a case of complete self-serving crowing, we'd like to send a loud shoutout to our learning team. Just this month, their work struck gold as they were recognized as a 2016 LearningElite winner by Chief Learning Officer magazine. Career development ranks as a top organizational and employee priority (just ask Millennials - we did). And the CLO award shows our team walks the talk. Teams were judged on things like learning strategy, leadership commitment, learning execution, impact, and business performance results. And our team scored major points for programs that connect training to succession planning, that contribute to employee success, and that have a real impact on retention. "The focus on connecting a broad range of quality, technology-enhanced and certified leaning initiatives directly with organizational needs, succession planning, and employee type and culture is commendable," wrote the judges.  "This organization was able to successfully integrate values and operations at a maturity level that is rarely achieved and clearly effective."

Recognizing Our Ace Team

The CLO award recognizes industry leaders, pace setters, and "those organizations that employ exemplary workforce development strategies that deliver significant business results." We think that describes our group pretty well. We didn't need an award to know how great they are (seriously - we already knew). But three big, enthusiastic cheers to Bright Horizons learning leaders Helen Zarba and Rachel Robertson and their ace teams for a much-deserved big win. Nothing would develop around here without you. Congratulations!
Bright Horizons Win CLO Award for Learning & Development

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