Learning at Home: Wonderful Words Activity

Kindergarten-aged girl holding a flashcard

What You Need

  • Index cards
  • Marker
  • Tape or easy-to-remove sticky tack

How to Do this Activity

Walk around your home together, carrying the index cards, marker, and tape or sticky tack. As you go, point out and talk about common household objects — doors, chairs, toilets, sinks, beds, and more — and ask your child to name them. Then, you or your child can write the name of the object on an index card and your child can tape or tack the card to the object.

What Your Child Learns

This activity offers many early literacy benefits. Children understand that written words have meaning and can be used to communicate and describe things. Children begin to associate letters with sounds as they say the words, and they begin to remember the spelling for common household items.

Kindergarten-aged girl holding a flashcard
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