Learning at Home: Number Hunt Activity

Teacher and boy pointing to calendars

What You Need

  • Deck of playing cards

How to Do this Activity

Hold the deck of cards out to your child and have her pick one. Look at the card together to figure out what number it is. Then, have your child take the card around the house to find the same number on other household items. For example: V8 juice, 7Up, 2-ply paper towels, and more. As you hunt, recite this poem: “I’m going on a number hunt; What will I find; What will I find; I’ll look all around; ‘Til I’m ready to lie down.”

What Your Child Learns

This activity builds number recognition and also hones your child's powers of observation. Your child will enjoy the challenge of looking for items around the house and feel a sense of accomplishment when he succeeds.

Teacher and boy pointing to calendars
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