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River School: a Bright Horizons School

Preparing young children for the challenges of elementary school and beyond.

River School was founded in 1989 by Dr. Richard A. Kresch, M.D., a child psychiatrist who practiced and taught at the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York City. Under his leadership, River School was designed to provide children with the best possible start in life, in a nurturing, yet stimulating environment that respects their individuality. Throughout the past 28 years, our child care and preschool program has helped numerous children build a strong foundation for learning and academic success.

River School Locations

Westside, New York, NY

Our Westside location is a top New York City preschool. We’ve been part of the community since 2000 and currently serve approximately 110 students and their families. We offer full-day programs for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and pre-kindergarteners (ages 8 weeks through 6 years) and an exciting Summer Camp program for preschoolers.

Newport, Jersey City, NJ

Our first location – River School Newport – opened its doors in September of 1989. This top Newport preschool is conveniently located at 30 Newport Parkway in downtown Jersey City, near the Newport Center Mall, Newport Green, Newport Office Buildings, and Newport Light Rail and PATH Stations. It’s also less than a ten-minute walk from Hamilton Park and Hoboken.

Warren, Jersey City, NJ

Our full-day private programs for Infants, Toddlers, Twos, Preschool and Pre-K make River School on Warren a top Jersey City preschool. And, in addition to our regular curriculum, we also offer an exciting enrichment and extracurricular activities and Summer Camp program.

River School joined the Bright Horizons® family in 2016 and remains one of New York and New Jersey’s most dependable early childhood education programs.

We know preschoolers are ready to take chances and experiment with new things. With our teachers’ support, these inquisitive young minds will tackle new challenges and advance the skills they need to succeed in kindergarten and beyond — and fully experience the joys of childhood.

Our Philosophy

Our classrooms are led by highly qualified educators who guide children through developmentally appropriate activities, while also offering flexibility to meet each child’s individual needs.The child-driven curriculum encourages a love of learning, with daily lessons that relate to the children’s interests and build on each child’s natural sense of joy and wonder. Through creativity and imagination, children achieve their greatest potential and are ready to meet the challenges ahead.

Our Teachers

Our carefully crafted, age-appropriate programs encourage happy and confident children, and our weekly lesson plans target academic skills in a fun and creative way. During daily Center Time, children are introduced to literacy, math or science, art, and fine motor skills through hands-on educational activities

Infant and Toddler Teachers

The Infant and Toddler staff at River School is made up of a caring, passionate, talented group of educators. In each classroom, you’ll find one Head Teacher, one Lead Teacher and two Assistant Teachers. At minimum, each Head Teacher holds an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in education.

Our teachers collaborate to create nurturing, joyful, and stimulating classrooms that meet the specific needs of this young age group. They work together to plan age-appropriate activities while also considering each child’s unique needs, interests, and level of development.

Preschool and Pre-K Teachers

Our Preschool and Pre-K teachers are talented, nurturing educators who collaborate to create cohesive, joyful, child-centered classrooms. Each classroom has one Head Teacher, one Lead Teacher, and two Assistant Teachers. Most Head Teachers hold or are pursuing master’s degrees, while all have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. In addition to their extensive experience, many of our Lead and Assistant Teachers are also pursuing degrees in the field.