Steve Brennan Bio Image

Steve Brennan

College Admissions Consultant

Admissions Experience:
  • Former admissions officer at Occidental College
  • Former admissions officer at Marquette University
  • Former admissions officer at Loyola University Chicago
  • Admissions counselor at Regis University (CO)
  • Marquette University, Bachelor’s in History and English Literature 
  • University of Hawai'i at Mānoa, Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning

Background: Prior to joining College Coach, I was associate dean of admission at Occidental College in Los Angeles, where I was a final decision maker on student applications. Before that I was director of advising at College Connections Hawai`i, a Honolulu non-profit focused on Native Hawaiian and first generation to college youth, and I served as a high school instructor and college advisor there while pursuing my master’s degree. I started my admissions career in Jesuit education, working for Regis College in Denver and Loyola University Chicago in on-campus roles, and for Marquette University as regional director in Southern California.

I have worked with students interested in:

  • Science Technology
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Pre-med
  • Pre-dentistry
  • Accelerated dental - BS/DDS
  • Nursing
  • Pre-veterinary
  • Physical therapy
  • Pre-law Business
  • Journalism
  • Architecture
  • Computer science
  • Teaching/education certification
  • ROTC
  • Honors programs
  • Ivy League
  • Large state schools
  • Small liberal arts colleges
  • Two year colleges
  • Religiously affiliated schools
  • Research universities
I have also worked with:
  • Athletes
  • International students
  • Non-traditional students
  • Transfer students
  • First-generation students
  • Military/Service academies
  • Graduate programs
Why I joined Bright Horizons: The choice of college has the power to be transformative — for the young person making what for many is their first adult decision with long-term impacts, for his or her family, and for the institution she or he chooses. Making a good choice after a thoughtful, proactive process can make all the difference in that young person’s life, and helping students and families through the process is tremendously rewarding. In past positions, I would see time and again how much misinformation there is in the education marketplace, and the core mission of College Coach — empowering families and students with knowledge about higher education opportunities and how to access them — meets that information gap. I’m proud of the work that College Coach does to help people with one of the biggest decisions they make.

Hobbies: Languages, travel, culture, reading, politics, and flag football.