Amy Leib Alexander Bio Image

Amy Leib Alexander

College Admissions Consultant

Admissions Experience:
  • Former admissions officer at Yale University
  • Former independent college advisor, ALA Educational Consulting
  • Yale University - Bachelor’s in Socio and Psycho Linguistics
  • Golden Gate University – Master’s in Human Resources/Organizational Behavior


I started my career as an assistant director of admissions for Yale University, where I was in charge of five geographic areas of the country (Nevada, Northern California, Arizona, Illinois, and Indiana). I was also a liaison for several sports teams (swimming and lacrosse) and coordinated on-campus orientation programs and housing placement. I spent most of my admissions career, however, as an independent college advisor based in Montclair, NJ. With over 20 plus years of experience, I have successfully guided hundreds of students from both public and private high schools and varying backgrounds and interests/skills to all sizes and types of colleges and universities.

I have worked with students interested in:
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Pre-med
  • Nursing
  • Physical therapy
  • Pre-law
  • Business
  • Music
  • Theater Teaching/education certification
  • Ivy League
  • Large state schools
  • Small liberal arts colleges
  • Religiously affiliated schools
  • Research universities
I have also worked with:
  • Athletes
  • Transfer students
  • First-generation students
  • Students with learning differences

Why I joined Bright Horizons: I truly love working with teens on the cusp of adulthood and independence. For me, finding the right, realistic ‘fit’ for a student is one of the most rewarding parts, as is helping the students articulate who they are and what is important to them in their application essay(s).  Being introspective at such a young age is no easy task. So it’s exciting and fulfilling to guide the student to look within and figure out what makes them unique, and then to help them present this to the college admissions committee. Simply put, I enjoy working with the students, and I try to make the process more fun and interesting, and less stressful, confusing, and anxiety-provoking.

Hobbies: Yoga, swimming, jogging, scrapbooking, reading, watching movies, and finding great music in NYC