Abigail Anderson Bio Image

Abigail Anderson

College Admissions Consultant

Admissions Experience:

  • Former admissions officer at Reed College
  • Former admissions officer at Emma Willard School


  •  Colby College - Bachelor's in Sociology

Background: My most recent admissions position was at Reed College, where I directed multiple domestic and international recruitment territories, including New England, Mid-Atlantic, Europe, and the Americas, read thousands of applications, and managed more than 20 student workers and 200 alumni volunteers. Committed to increasing college access and demystifying the college application process, I worked with colleagues to develop free, accessible programming for high school juniors wanting to jumpstart the application process and improve their essay writing skills. I started my career at the Emma Willard School, a highly-selective all-girls’ boarding school that is one of the oldest girls’ schools in the nation. As an alumna, I loved working with students and families; I oversaw multicultural and first-generation student recruitment, participated in admission and financial aid committees, and assisted in residence hall management.

I have worked with students interested in:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Pre-med Accelerated medical - BS/MD
  • Pre-dentistry
  • Nursing
  • Pre-veterinary
  • Pre-law 
  • Business 
  • Journalism
  • Visual and performing arts 
  • Theater Art
  • Architecture 
  • Computer science 
  • Graphic design
  • Game design 
  • ROTC 
  • Teaching/education certification
  • Honors programs 
  • Ivy League 
  • Large state schools
  • Small liberal arts colleges 
  • Religiously affiliated schools 
  • Research universities

I have also worked with:

  • Athletes
  • Non-traditional students
  • Transfer students
  • First-generation students

Why I joined Bright Horizons:
Growing up in a small town that was home to one of America’s premier liberal arts colleges, I have seen and experienced firsthand how access to a college education is life-changing. Helping students gain access to this type of experience has always been a passion of mine. I joined College Coach because I often found myself educating students about the landscape of higher education and the admission process, even when I was only supposed to be speaking with them about my particular place of work! While the admission process can be anxiety-inducing and feel convoluted, there’s no better person to help you through the process than someone who has been part of the process themselves. I want to work with students and their families to dispel myths, minimize anxiety, and promote growth and self-awareness.  I love that College Coach not only provides students with direct access to leaders in the field, but also places an emphasis on finding the best academic and community fit for each of its students.

Reading great books, skiing and hiking in the Pacific Northwest and New England, spending time with my husband and our puppy, attending Bar Method classes, volunteering for my collegiate and secondary school alma mater