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Growing readers June 2020 issue | Bright Horizons

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The Growing Readers program is a resource designed to help parents find great literature, share the joy of reading, cultivate an appreciation for books, and foster early literacy skills with your child.

June 2020 Issue

This issue’s featured Bright Horizons Book of Excellence Award winner is Giggly Wiggly Playtime Rhymes – it’s a joyful and silly book of poems for little ones that explores language, rhyme, and alliteration with accompanying humorous photos. For more on this issue’s book selections, click below.

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Who reviews Growing Readers books?

Our panel of more than eight Bright Horizons early education experts curate, review, and recommend high-quality children’s books for all ages that your family will love.

The Archives

Next year, we’re celebrating the 20th anniversary of Growing Readers! Explore the archives for even more books to add to your child’s list and see what we’ve recommended through the years for all age groups on a variety of themes.