The COVID-19 health crisis has created unprecedented closures at our centers and offices across the country. Throughout this period, we want to do everything we can to offer support to the members of our Bright Horizons family.

One of the ways we’re offering support during this time is by finding opportunities both within and outside of Bright Horizons. In addition to the available positions in our Hub child care centers and as Bright Horizons Back-Up Care in home caregivers, we’ve partnered with other organizations who have an increased need through this crisis. Whether you are part of the Bridge program and want to explore temporary employment or are seeking a permanent position, below are direct links to explore opportunities across the country. Listed first are employers who have created an expedited interviewing process for Bright Horizons employees. All are opportunities employees can take advantage of until we are hopefully back together.



When applying, please follow these steps to expedite your application:

1. Visit our careers site

2. Take a look at Who We Are and research career opportunities near you by clicking on Job Search.

3. Apply online! When you get to the How Did You Hear About Us? question, select Great Place to Work Referral and then Bright Horizons* to give our recruiters better visibility to your application.


Click the link below to access a careers site set-up specifically for Bright Horizons employees where you can connect with their recruiters and apply for positions of interest near you