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Share the Bright Horizons® experience and we will share a Crafts With Kindness kit!

Each year Bright Horizons welcome new families into our community. And, year after year, we’ve found the best way to meet these families is through you. 

Share your Bright Horizons experience with a friend and we'll say thank you by sending a Crafts With Kindness kit to you and your friend. This all-in-one craft kit helps you and your child share with a family in need by completing a meaningful service project together, right at your kitchen table.

If you know of families that would benefit from exceptional child care and preschool, fill out the form to the right. Once you’ve completed the form, Bright Horizons will send a personalized email that invites your friends to visit a Bright Horizons near them and shares details on how they can receive their own Crafts With Kindness kit.

To receive your family’s Crafts With Kindness kit, follow the directions and link on the Thank You page after you complete the form and click the "Send" button. We hope you, and your family, enjoy creating, sharing, and experiencing all the activities found in the craft kit at your kitchen table!

Frequently Asked Questions

View commonly asked questions and answers associated with the referral program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I really just fill out the form and you’ll do the rest?
A. Yes. It’s that easy. You fill out the form, then your friend or family member will automatically receive an email about discovering Bright Horizons.

Q. The email I received mentioned a Crafts With Kindness Kit. How does that work? 
A. Complete the form on this page to refer a friend. When you click send, a Thank You page opens that includes directions and a link for receiving your Crafts With Kindness kit.

Q. The flyer I received mentioned a tuition credit for me and registration credit for my friend. How does that work?
A. Select Bright Horizons centers offer a tuition credit to families and a registration credit to the referred family. Please see your center director for details.

Q. What does the referred family have to do to get their credit?
A. After you are enrolled for 30 days, you are eligible for your credit. Talk to your center director if you have more questions.

Q. When will I receive my tuition credit?
A. Your referral credit will be issued 30 days from the new family’s enrollment date.

Q. Is there a limit to the amount of friends and family I can refer?
A. You can receive referral credit for as many families as you refer to Bright Horizons…as long as they enroll.

Q. How long is my referral eligible for a referral credit?
A. Your referral is good for one year from the date that the information was submitted via the form above.

Q. What if someone else refers the same person as I do?
A. We will only issue one referral credit per new family. If more than one person refers the same new family, the tuition credit will be issued to the first person who submitted the form above.

What You’ll Send

Along with your personalized message, we will send an email to the family you refer.

What You'll Send

Subject line: Your friend is recommending Bright Horizons

Come see what makes Bright Horizons exceptional. Our early educational programs
provide a stimulating environment for children and a nurturing community for the whole family.

What we offer:

  • Our own curriculum. The World at Their Fingertips®, that stimulates each child's innate curiosity.
  • Learning opportunities for every age and stage, with a focus on language, math, science, and social skills.
  • Nurturing teachers who help develop each child's enthusiasm for learning and exploration and get children ready for school.
Contact a center and schedule a visit.

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