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A path for our teachers to earn their early educations degrees...for free.

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The Horizons Teacher Degree Program inspires teachers in and out of our centers. Hear, in teachers’ own words, what higher education will mean for their futures — and our classrooms.

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Earning my degree means so much to me. I have always wanted to work with children and watch them grow and learn. But I also wanted to be the best teacher I can be. So going to school to learn more about teaching and helping each child in any way I can means so much to me. And I am beyond proud of myself for getting it done. It was a struggle at times doing school and work full time and juggling family but now that I made it I am better and a stronger teacher for these kids.


- Amber B.

Bright Horizons at Longacres

Graduating has been a dream come true for me, it has given me new opportunities to grow in the career that fulfills me which is Early Childhood Education. Bright Horizons has given me an excellent opportunity to obtain my degree and also be able to continue my career in the field.


- Alma L.

Bright Horizons at Henrico

Earning my degree means that I am better able to support all children in the classroom. I feel that the knowledge that I have gained allows mean to have a better understanding about the development process of children, and how to best serve them and their families. I love working with children, and this program has allowed me to fulfill my dream of continuing to learn and grow with new knowledge!


- Amber G.

Bright Horizons at the American Center

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