What Kind of Parent Are You?

There is no perfect way to parent — but research shows that parenting style and temperament (yours and your child’s) can affect your child’s behavior and emotional outcomes. How can you figure out what kind of parent you are, and use that information to influence your child’s happiness and success? Find out in this interactive, workshop-style webinar, led by Bright Horizons early education experts, Claire Goss and Zachary Mural.

About the Speakers

Claire Goss

Claire oversees the outreach to Bright Horizons families, so they feel included in and supported through their child’s education. She has worked for over 15 years as a parenting educator, researcher, and writer.

Zach Mural

Zach is a career educator and leader with over 25 years of youth and child development experience. Prior to assuming the role of Director of Education and Curriculum for Bright Horizons, Zach worked in center operations as a Regional Manager. His other previous positions include serving as the VP of Education for another provider, university faculty member, Director of Schools, Camp/YMCA Branch Director, and as a 2’s and 3’s Teacher.