Engineering in Early Education Webinar

Engineering is everywhere, and it happens each and every day in early childhood classrooms. Not only does it help children develop math, science, and problem-solving skills, it also inspires their creativity. Where should you begin? Experts from EiE, an award-winning program of the Museum of Science Boston, join Bright Horizons for a family webinar, Engineering in Early Education, to discuss why engineering matters and how it supports early childhood development.

About the Speakers

Nia Keith

Nia is the director of professional development for EiE at the Museum of Science in Boston, and has been a leader of STEM initiatives, bringing experiential science education to a diverse audience of students.

Debbie Hoppy

Debbie is the director of curriculum and education, overseeing the development and implementation of education for more than 650 Bright Horizons centers and schools.