On this episode of the Work-Life Equation: thinking about work-life “fit” — creating more time in your day to help you fit more of what you want into your life: family, work, or personal time. How? The secret, according to our guest, Morra Aarons-Mele, is in “place, pace, and space.” Listen as the host of the Forbes podcast “Hiding In the Bathroom,” explains how she took charge of her own work-life equation…and how you can, too. 

Show Notes for Making Work and Life Fit

1:09 - Morra runs the marketing agency, Women Online. She’s also a mom of three.

3:09 - In her book, Morra writes about working and having a career on your own terms.

3:55 - Morra talks about time management for working parents.

5:11 - Lisa asks, “How do you know when you’ve lost control of your time?”

5:22 - Morra discusses the work of workplace flexibility expert, Cali Yost.

5:35 - Morra suggests parents book personal time on the family calendar, or work calendar.

6:14 - Another suggestion? The “More or Less” exercise she learned from Christine Koh.

10:15 - “It’s tough,” but Morra says parents need to advocate for time, and drop the guilt.

11:13 - Lisa asks Morra, “What are some personal strategies you have for managing time?

16:42 - “Being a working mother does not mean you’re being a martyr.”

17:44 - Morra says, “Think of yourself as an executive of your life.”

18:44 - Another strategy, Morra says? “Understanding pacing in life.”

18:57 - Morra breaks down her time-tackling tip: “Place, Pace, and Space.”

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