Episode 17: Peaceful Parenting on Busy Workdays

Working and parenting is hard. Losing it is easy. Parenting expert Jennifer Gillette says there’s a better way. Here, The Loved Child founder explains the Peaceful Parenting approach, how it can help your workday (and every day!), and how to regroup after those charged moments when things go awry.

Episode 16: Talking Fatherhood with Millennial Dads

Blogs and social media are filled with stories about modern dads as equal parenting partners – driving carpools, doing the cooking, folding laundry. But are they the real deal? Here, our panel of millennial dads talk working, parenting, and what’s changed about fatherhood since they were children.

Episode 15: Working Moms and the Mental Load

Are you the unofficial keeper of your family’s activities and whereabouts? Are you mentally trying to keep things from falling through the cracks? You’re not alone. Listen to the Bright Horizons research on the so-called “mental load,” and tips for how to manage it.

Episode 14: Setting Yourself Up for Parental Leave

What’s the secret to setting yourself up for a successful parental leave? Employee coach Karen Rubin of Talking Talent takes you through all of the important steps, from making the announcement (hint: don’t be apologetic!) to managing your time away, and reclaiming your career when you come back.

Episode 13: A Healthy You for a Happy Family

Exercise? Sleep? Nutrition? It’s easy to toss those things aside when you’ve got so much to do at work and at home. But taking care of yourself is one of the most important ways you can be at maximum strength to take care of your family and be your best at work. Listen as wellness expert Christina Reale discusses simple ways you can fit wellness into your everyday life that will ultimately benefit your entire family.