Episode 20: Making Work and Life Fit

Do you sometimes feel like there has to be a better way to fit working and parenting together into your limited time? Maybe it’s time to rethink your equation. Our guest Morra Aarons-Mele says we might feel like prisoners of the status quo (9-to-5, in the office), but we all have the power to fit work and life together on our own terms. The secret: ask for exactly what you need. She did it — and explains how.

Episode 19: Mindfulness in 30 Seconds or Less

What do you do when the din of work and life become too much? Or when the day-to-day schedule becomes too much for your children? Our guest Beth Jones says there are very specific things you can do (solo or with kids) to wrangle those out-of-control moments. Here she offers simple, in-the-moment strategies you can do anytime, anywhere that help you stop, tune out the noise, and and for the long haul.

Episode 18: Work and Life After Twins

Got twins? You’re part of a unique club – two-times everything. But what does that mean for your career? Our guest, WBUR podcast developer Jessica Alpert Silber, tells her own story of twindom, including work-life strategies for making it through the tough days, and the completely unexpected (but happy) side effect two babies had on her career.

Episode 17: Peaceful Parenting on Busy Workdays

Working and parenting is hard. Losing it is easy. Parenting expert Jennifer Gillette says there’s a better way. Here, The Loved Child founder explains the Peaceful Parenting approach, how it can help your workday (and every day!), and how to regroup after those charged moments when things go awry.

Episode 16: Talking Fatherhood with Millennial Dads

Blogs and social media are filled with stories about modern dads as equal parenting partners – driving carpools, doing the cooking, folding laundry. But are they the real deal? Here, our panel of millennial dads talk working, parenting, and what’s changed about fatherhood since they were children.