Episode 10: A Parent’s Guide to Decluttering

Shoes in the hallway, crayons on the counter, toys…everywhere. There’s just no getting around it—children come with a ton of stuff. What’s the secret to cleaning up? Author and organization expert Mary Lou Andre, founder of Organization by Design, Inc., has the tips you need to take back your kitchen counters and beat the creep of kid stuff.

Episode 9: Celebrating Working Mothers

Do you feel guilty about being a working parent? Don’t! Author and researcher Pam Lenehan says working mothers bring all sorts of great things to children, including confidence, independence, social skills, and financial smarts. Take time to appreciate all that you do with inspiration from Pam about all the benefits your children reap from having a working mother.

Episode 8: Organizational Tips for Busy Families

Being a working parent takes a lot of coordination, arrangement, and organization to keep things running smoothly—between hustling in the morning, being ready for evening pickups, getting dinner on the table, and settling in for bed. Find your flow with ideas from fellow working parents and learn how they handle everyday moments with a little planning, preparation...and patience.

Episode 7: Secrets of Successful Working Parents

Tired of filling every second of your day with work or chores? Looking for ways to ignite your career and get more time—and less stress!—back at home? Join us as we jump on the “Orange Line” and see how jettisoning the “do it all” mentality will give you back more satisfaction in both your professional and personal lives.

Episode 6: Wins for Working Parents

Looking for a fresh take on how working parents can achieve integration among the various parts of life that matter most? Go from tug-of-war between working and parenting to peaceful coexistence by ditching the old idea of work-life “balance,” where one may outweigh the other, and instead consider how you can harmonize and integrate your most important areas of life.