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Will Breastfeeding Make Your Child Smarter?

In the May 8 issue of Journal of the American Medical Association, researchers reported that among a mixed sex sample group with the average age of 27 years, the results of their IQ scores were the following: 99.4 for less than one month of breastfeeding, 101.7 for 2 to 3 months, 102.3 for 4 to 6 months, 106 for 7 to 9 months and 104 for more than 9 months. Other studies have shown breastfeeding provides babies with nutritional advantages and a range of protective benefits, including reducing asthma and gastrointestinal disorders such as colitis. However, most of the research on breastfeeding only examines its impacts on infants and small children.

It is clear that breastfeeding is beneficial for babies for several reasons, but more research is necessary to determine whether it is significant enough for mothers to take any responsibility for the child’s C’s in high school or low SAT scores. Nursing is just one of many factors that influence the child’s development.
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