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Process Art for Children

Process art is about the method behind the creation and allowing your child to explore art in an open-ended, unstructured way. But how do you get your child started with process art? Read tips from Bright Horizons early childhood education experts on how to introduce your child to process art.
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Games for Kids: Old School Games to Play with Kids

Old School games are timeless and encourage thinking and imagination. Whether you are seeking a non-technological game for your children to play, need something to pass the time, or just want an inexpensive activity, this list created by Bright Horizons early childhood education experts is one you m...
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Screen Time for Kids: Tips & Guidance for Consuming Digital Media

Digital media is an omnipresent part of our lives. Read these tips for safely using screen time as a tool to promote learning and innovation.
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What Do Babies Think?

Conventional wisdom would say that newborn babies and infants are relatively helpless. However, recent literature has shown that babies have cognitive abilities that far exceed our expectations. Learn from the Bright Horizons experts about the brain of a baby and what babies think.
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Risk Taking in Early Childhood: When Is It Appropriate?

When is it appropriate to give your child opportunities to practice independence and when does it make sense to set limits? Bright Horizons experts explore how to encourage healthy risk taking in young children while also maintaining a safe environment.
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