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Developmental Delays & Special Needs: Finding the Right Child Care Provider and Support

Find tips on choosing the right child care provider for children with special needs or developmental delays, and get advice for working with teachers.
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Can Toddlers Follow Directions?

You ask your toddler to put her shoes in the closet. She looks at you, giggles, and throws the shoes across the room. What’s going on here? And how should you respond to it? Your first response might be a sense of anger. Later, you might wonder, “Am I demanding too much? Can toddlers fol...
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Reading with Your Child Can Develop Executive Functioning Skills

Our executive function is the set of mental skills that allows us to assess and set priorities, help us to think before acting, allow us to adjust to competing demands, and help us keep the perspective of another in mind. Learn about reading activities that can help develop executive functioning ski...
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What Math and Literacy Look Like for Young Children

A child’s natural curiosity leads them towards a desire to learn. Support your child’s math and language learning while keeping it interactive.
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Language Development in Early Childhood: Speech and Language Games for Kids

Each child develops language at his or her own rate. Check out these language games for jumpstarting language acquisition.
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