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How to Reduce Separation Anxiety in Children

Drop-off at the child care center or leaving your child at home with a caregiver can produce strong feelings of separation anxiety. Read tips from Bright Horizons experts on how to reduce separation anxiety in your baby, toddler, or preschooler for a smoother morning routine.
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The Value of Children's Play for Development

Bright Horizons experts provide a look into the importance and benefits of play for children.  A child playing serves a purpose other than entertainment. Learn the stages of play, the importance of play for development, and get tips to make playtime more beneficial.
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The Benefits of Reading to Babies and Infants

Is reading to babies really that important? The answer might surprise you. Learn the importance and benefits of reading to babies and how to choose the best books for your infant.
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The Best Parenting Tips & Resources of 2017

As we near the end of 2017, we’re reminiscing on some of your favorite Bright Horizons parenting tips and resources. Check out the list today!
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Teaching Diversity to Preschoolers in the Classroom and at Home

Read these tips and resources from Bright Horizons experts to help teach preschoolers about our diverse world.
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