From Our Blog: Birthday Wishes for My Three-Year-Old Son

Marisa, her husband and three year old

My son just turned three, and boy, has this past year been one to remember. His twos have been a big year of growth, and I have loved watching him learn so many lessons about the world and how he fits into it. He’s grown stubborn but sweeter, independent but needier, and smart yet somehow even wittier. My hope for him, now that he's a "big boy" is that he carries the many things he’s learned in toddlerhood into this new year – and beyond:

Happy Third Birthday to My Little Big Guy

May you never lose your determination to color outside the lines… yes, even on the walls, carpets, floors, and all.

May you never underestimate your ability to be a catalyst for change… never accept “no” for an answer; it’s served you well so far.

May you continue to use your voice and be a voice for others… you’ve certainly found that voice this year!

May you never lose your adventurous spirit… you’ve never stuck to the beaten path, keep on blazing your own trail.  

May you never waiver in your determination to achieve your dreams… keep dreaming big, little one, and you’ll move mountains.

May you always find comfort in the ones that you love… because in good times and in bad, we’ll always have your back.

Love you to the moon.

Love Always,


I’m a thrill-seeker by day, yet homebody at heart, reveling in quality time spent with my two-year old son and husband of five years. Master of building forts and picking up perfectly-cooked toddler meals that have been thrown on the floor, I strive to find humor and grace in the balancing act of being a working mama and wife.


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