Learning at Home: Prediction Activity

Kindergartners playing with boats

Try this activity to help your child develop critical thinking, making observations, asking questions, and forming ideas.

What You Need

  • Objects for experimentation (rocks, feathers, paper, bread, plastic toys, etc.)
  • A clear container of water that the objects will fit in

How to Do this Activity

Start by setting up a clear container of water and finding objects around the house with your child (that you don’t mind getting wet). Then, talk with your child about what “prediction” means. Ask her to predict whether each item will sink or float, and then experiment together. Have her put items in the water and observe what happens. Ask things like, “What do you see happening?” and “Why do you think it’s floating/sinking?”

What Your Child Learns

Through this activity, your child begins to understand the properties of density and buoyancy, develops critical thinking skills, and learns about the scientific method.

Written by: Bright Horizons Education Team

November 1, 2020

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