What Working Parents Need to Succeed

Feeling like the pandemic shredded your working parent mojo? You’re not alone. Two years after “positive PCR” entered our vocabularies, parents have no faith in tomorrow’s routine, let alone next week’s. Even as schools stay open and offices reopen, it’s still an obstacle course out there – with working mothers and fathers sinking under all the stops and starts, telling our eighth Modern Family Index, they’re exhausted, on edge, and burning out at work and home. How can it all feel even heavier than it did at the start of the pandemic? On our next webinar, we’re going to talk about all of it – what parents like you are saying; how they’ve adapted and found little moments of relief during the last two years; and why we need to hang on to some of the lessons the pandemic has taught us.

About the Speakers

Ilene Serpa

Ilene is the vice president of communications at Bright Horizons, overseeing internal and external communications strategy and media relations, and serving as chief company spokesperson.

Priya Krishnan, Senior Vice President, Client Relations and Growth Operations

Priya Krishnan comes to Bright Horizons after founding and running India’s largest childcare business. She is the winner of many awards for her work in the space, including Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, Young Turk, FT1000 for Asia, and Red Herring Asia. Prior to her entrepreneurial stint, Priya had a global career in IT consulting across Singapore, New York, and London, working with companies including Accenture, PwC, Mphasis, EDS, and HP.