HR Leader Panel: What’s New and Next in Supports for Working Parents

mother with her child on street wearing mask

Duration: 1 hour

No child care; no after-school activities; no dependable school schedule; the pressure on working parents just won’t let up. And the effects are real: burnout, absences, and turnover, with nearly 1/3 of the workforce at risk.

What are employers doing now? And what happens next?

Watch this on-demand panel discussion to hear HR leaders weigh in. The informative event features speakers from top companies in several industries, giving realinsights into how their organizations have responded, and sharing ideas for your team.
The panelists discuss:

  • The latest in child care and school support benefits
  • Selecting the right programs and responses for your business
  • What’s working in the fight against burnout
  • How to stay current on employees’ ongoing needs