On Mother’s Day, Answering the Question, Why Working Mothers Do What They Do

Nurse and working mom eating breakfast with her daughter

Julia – Infectious disease specialist

Heather - Obstetrics nurse

Stephanie – Infection preventionist

Robyn - Pediatric neuro psychologist 

Robyn – Nurse anesthesiologist

Maloise – Registered nurse

What do these six people have in common?

All are medical professionals. All have patients who depend on them. All are committed to continuing their specialties. 

And all are among the many working mothers on the frontlines of COVID-19.

A Mother’s Day Unlike Others

It’s always been central to our mission to support working mothers – to understand them; elevate their voices; stand behind them. 

But this year has added resonance – not just for those on the medical frontlines, but for those in pharmacies, supermarkets, manufacturers, everywhere.  

Around the country, these women have continued to work as home life has gotten complicated; as they’ve had to get scrappy about working and parenting – simultaneously; as they’ve wondered when they'll have child care again; as comment threads on articles about working and parenting began to rehash the age-old question…about why working mothers do what they do.  

Working Outside the Lines

This year, as every year, millions of women show up to work every day making sure people have the care, supplies, and assistance they need today.  

Millions more will be behind the medical, technical, and societal innovations we’ll need in the future. 

All are making valuable contributions. Just as important, all are role modeling for children what the next generation of women can do. 

To anyone who asks why working mothers do what they do…

That’s why. 

Happy Mother’s Day

Written by: Lisa Oppenheimer

May 8, 2020

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Lisa Oppenheimer at Bright Horizons

As Director, Brand Storytelling at Bright Horizons, Lisa writes “from the trenches” about the real life challenges of people in today’s workplaces: from the tensions of being a working mother, to working with millennials in the digital age, and everything in between. With a career ranging from freelance to full-time, Lisa brings a diverse employment background to her perspective.