Leadership Insights: The Most Difficult Part of Being a Leader

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What's the most difficult part of being a leader? The MPW Insider Network on Fortune.com recently asked Mary Lou Burke Afonso, Bright Horizons' chief operating officer, North American operations, to explore this very question.

Mary Lou responded with the commentary, Proof that It Pays to Be Nice to Your Employees.

Leadership Insights from a Top Women-Led Business

In it, Mary Lou offered her leadership insights; about Bright Horizons' thousands of employees, the organization's commitment to making sure they all feel connected to the culture and each other, and the importance of personal relationships in that equation.

"At Bright Horizons, we operate 875 care centers around the world, the majority of which are worksite centers for employers. This means we have a huge workforce to serve and it is important to me that every single employee despite their role or geography feel connected to the organization and our mission."

"As a leader, I want to demonstrate to the entire workforce that I am a real person who wants to support and lead, solve problems, and work with employees to visualize the future of our company? What I have learned is that little things go a long way. For important accomplishments I like to personally contact employees to thank them for their work and their commitment to serving families."

Mary Lou is one of the many leaders who've made Bright Horizons one of The Boston Globe Magazine and The Commonwealth Institute's Top Women-Led Businesses in Massachusetts.

Read the piece in its entirety, here.    

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