Make the Case: Employee Benefits Guide for HR & Working Families

Employee Benefits for Working Parents that Achieve Work Life Balance

Bright Horizons has a solution for every stage of an employee's life.

Employee benefits & supports are the building blocks of performance. They drive employee engagement, promote productivity, enhance overall well-being, and engender cooperation between employer and employee.

Partnering with clients for more than 25 years, Bright Horizons offers a comprehensive family of employer-sponsored work/life balance and dependent-care solutions that strengthens organizations, supports employee contributions, and helps employers achieve their most pressing strategic goals.

Download the Free HR Guide to High-ROI Employee Benefits

Make the case for working families by engaging the right strategies for your workforce. Our proprietary data will allow you to answer questions like:

  • How much savings can an employer achieve through reduced turnover by offering on-site child care?
  • How many more days are employee parents able to work when they have access to back-up care for children and adults/elders?
  • How much can an employer save by engaging our experts to help manage their tuition assistance program?

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