A Holiday Thank You from Bright Horizons

Happy Holidays graphic with a lamppost

This time of year always makes us a little wistful.

Not just about the season, but the work we get to do year-round, and the people we get to do it for:

The parents, children, the students of all ages. 

If you’ve met anyone in our Bright Horizons family – our home office, our Colorado office, our centers, our remote offices, overseas – you know this is something we feel pretty passionately about.

None of it would happen without the clients and families who trust us…

Or the hard-working people who make it all possible.

So on this night before a day much of the world will go quiet for a little while,

We’d like to say to all, whatever you’re celebrating this season…

A happy season to all…

And may your holidays be bright.

Written by: Lisa Oppenheimer

December 24, 2019

About the Author

Lisa Oppenheimer at Bright Horizons

As Director, Brand Storytelling at Bright Horizons, Lisa writes “from the trenches” about the real life challenges of people in today’s workplaces: from the tensions of being a working mother, to working with millennials in the digital age, and everything in between. With a career ranging from freelance to full-time, Lisa brings a diverse employment background to her perspective.