Child Care Plays a Supporting Role at the Movies!

Working mom dropping her son off at on-site child care center

What’s the best part of working with entertainment companies?

We say -- getting to play a supporting role! 

And this, from Lorelei at Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), was our favorite recent review:

Twitter thread about a working mom praising on-site child care

Lorelei went on to say:

“What ILM got out of me from all this was being able to focus more on my work when I’m in the office. The work/life balance was more achievable and I could concentrate more on the success of myself and those around me.”

“When i got back from maternity leave, that first day was stressful, for sure. The one thing that made it all better was knowing my baby was being cared for down the hall from my desk by experienced child care providers.”

“Going from workaholic to working mom was a jarring transition to say the least, but onsite child care made it feel doable. 

“For that, I have eternal appreciation.”

Finally…the post-script:

“Kindergarten starts today. We’re all super nervous, but looking at the future is always a little scary and exciting. Bracing ourselves for this new adventure!”


Around here, we talk all the time about the script for award-winning performances by working parents.

But some stories tell it better than we ever could. 

Thanks for the shoutout, Lorelei; soooo glad we could help! 

And wish your little guy all the best in kindergarten for us.

We look forward to hearing all about the next chapter!

Dad dropping his infant son off at employer-sponsored child care

Understanding Employer-Sponsored Child Care

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Written by: Lisa Oppenheimer

September 5, 2019

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