How to Successfully Furlough? Think First About the Way Back

Furloughed employee furthering his education at home

COVID-19 has dramatically changed many companies’ talent plans. Furloughs are on the rise as companies get squeezed between short-term financial goals and long-term talent needs.

The shift poses new challenges for HR, challenges that are at the core of questions clients have been bringing to us: what can they do for their furloughed workers during this period? 

The conversations have spawned creative thinking about learning programs, with partnerships forming between employers, schools, and program providers. Together, we’re reimagining education models to fit the moment: 

  • Programs start immediately and are purpose-built for online delivery 
  • They include guidance to get people started and to the finish line
  • They are at no-cost to employees
  • They’re economical for the organization

Employees can use the program to finish a high school diploma or start a degree. The benefits can be seamlessly integrated into existing education offerings later on.  

“For many companies,” says our own Ryan Villwok, a member of our learning solutions team, “this is an opportunity to make a very positive statement during a very difficult time.” 

You can find more tips for launching a program, here


Written by: Alan Robins

May 22, 2020

About the Author

Alan Robins at Bright Horizons

As Director of Product Marketing, Alan drives original research and thought leadership for Bright Horizons education benefits programs, drawing on his extensive experience helping companies optimize education programs to support their Talent and HR objectives. Prior to Bright Horizons, Alan was at Gartner, a global leader in providing advisory services to technology and business executives, where he led new product teams in Europe and the US.