Have Employers Found the Secret to Happiness?

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Here’s some good news: employees are happy. 

That from The Conference Board’s 2019 survey that says job satisfaction is up – the second largest gain in the survey’s history. 

The summer survey, write the authors, “reveals they’re feeling better about their jobs than they have in years.” 

Not that everything’s so rosy. Another article, this one from Training Industry, reminds us of the flipside of the employee-satisfaction equation; that job stress is affecting both mental and physical health. 

“Often marked by long hours and unmanageable workloads,” writes the author, “today’s corporate climate can quickly lead to burnout.”

Creating A Dream Company for Employees

But that same Training Industry article calls out steps employers are taking to keep their people on the sunny side – specifically holistic wellness approaches that consider more than just physical health. “Organizations should remember that employees have a host of financial worries, family concerns and other cares they bring to work,” wrote Training Industry’s Sarah Gallo, who interviewed our own Vice President of Consulting Services Jennifer Vena on the subject. 

She referred to the characteristics identified by our Bright Horizons survey as the recipe for a Dream Company. At the top of the list –support for professional development. 

No surprise that synchs with The Conference Board’s survey of what employees prioritize in job satisfaction. “Our research,” wrote The Conference Board authors, “reveals that workers place the biggest premium on a job’s potential for future growth.” 

But support for well-being and work/life balance (the other two identified Dream Company ingredients) also play key roles. “Helping employees take care of their life needs,” said Jennifer, “allows them to be more focused and productive.”

“While it’s undoubtedly good for business,” concluded Sarah, “investing in employee well-being is also simply the right thing to do.” 

We couldn’t agree more.

And it just may be the secret to happiness.

Read the whole Training Industry article. And download the report below to learn more about our Dream Company study.

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The Business Benefits of Being a Dream Company

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Written by: Lisa Oppenheimer

September 12, 2019

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Lisa Oppenheimer at Bright Horizons

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