What We’re Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Nurse and working mom hugging her young daughter

Last year in our annual roundup of things we were thankful for, we gave shoutouts to frontline workers and teachers, as well as to nurses and parents, and workplaces that welcome everyone, always, for exactly who they are. 

This year, the shoutouts are the same. And the gratitude continues to grow. 

From the health professionals delivering new discoveries and care…

To the frontlines delivering (literally)...everything else.

From the working parents who stepped in when the world shut down…

To the teachers and caregivers who made their jobs possible.

From the employees figuring out new ways to work

To our clients and friends coming up with new and creative ways to help them. 

From the visionaries imagining how our workplaces will look tomorrow

To the thinkers figuring out how to help us right now.

From the brave people who fight racism around the country…

To the bold people in our workplaces who remind us (and keep reminding us) that D&I isn’t a business thing – it’s a human thing…and the right one. From the colleagues we’ve been working with on screen…

To the friends we’ve started to see again…and hope to see more of.

Gratitude, as we’re often reminded, is the surprising antidote to stress. And as hard a year as 2020 and 2021 have been, we’re grateful for all we get to do.

It’s been our privilege to tell all of these stories.

To all we get to work for and with -- wishing you a safe holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Written by: Lisa Oppenheimer

November 24, 2021

About the Author

Lisa Oppenheimer at Bright Horizons

As Director, Brand Storytelling at Bright Horizons, Lisa writes “from the trenches” about the real life challenges of people in today’s workplaces: from the tensions of being a working mother, to working with millennials in the digital age, and everything in between. With a career ranging from freelance to full-time, Lisa brings a diverse employment background to her perspective.