Supporting Frontline Talent: Removing Barriers and Driving Engagement

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Across a range of industries – from financial to manufacturing – organizations are in stiff competition to recruit and retain skilled workers and future leaders. To successfully compete, it is critical for organizations to put supports in place and remove barriers that limit productivity – before employees walk out the door.

Watch this webinar, where we:
• Identify the specific barriers frontline workers face and what supports can overcome these challenges.
• Discuss why developing frontline workers means supporting them through all stages of their life.
• Share firsthand accounts of the innovative ways top companies are supporting frontline workers.
• Detail the cultural and business impacts of these initiatives.

About the Speakers

Jennifer Vena

Ms. Vena has more than 20 years of experience conducting dependent care needs assessments and developing strategic work/life balance initiatives for clients including the University of Southern California, Applied Biosystems, and Universal Studios.

Vanessa Walsh - Wells Fargo

Vanessa Walsh manages Talent and Organizational Effectiveness and Development Strategies for Wells Fargo. This includes strategies and programs that help further the growth of all team members and develop more Wells Fargo leaders. She also leads the Change Management, Manager Excellence, and International Talent priorities for the organization.