How will your organization stack up for the talent – and the skills – you need? The time to start planning is now.

Going forward, successful employers will be the ones who can identify current and future skills gaps, then efficiently guide employees to the learning required for those roles.

Watch this webinar to get:

  • New, simpler solutions for identifying talent gaps
  • How to curate education solutions to deliver those in-demand skills
  • Tools that make it easier for employees to engage in learning
  • Success stories of how education solutions impact talent management metrics

About the Speakers

Sue Krause

For more than 15 years, Sue Krause has worked alongside business executives to develop and refine business process, technology, and corporate growth strategies. In her current role, Sue leads a consulting team which designs learning solutions and best-in-class workforce education programs. Prior to joining Bright Horizons, she spent more than a decade as an Accenture consultant. Her analysis and recommendations helped shape targeted investments in technology, process optimization, and people to gain competitive advantage.

Mark Hanson

As a product owner for Emsi’s Talent Analytics team, Mark Hanson leads the development of Emsi Skills products, guides initiatives and partnerships related to Emsi Skills, and both conducts and presents skills research. Prior to Emsi, he was the Director of Talent Analytics at UnitedHealth Group (as well as an Emsi customer for five years!), where he led UHG’s People Analytics teams focused on talent intelligence, talent acquisition reporting, human capital reporting, and site selection.