Student Loan Repayment Benefits: Identifying the Right Approach

Designing and Implementing the Right Student Loan Repayment Benefits Program

Duration: 1 hour

Student loan debt is a heavy burden for many employees, but how can employers help? With so many options of approaches and programs, HR teams are challenged to find the right solution for their organization.  What if there was a road-map to help you navigate the choices and identify the best approach for your organization?

Watch this webinar for some clarity on a complex choice. You’ll learn:

  • Three approaches to designing student loan repayment benefit programs
  • Pros and cons of each approach
  • Likely results, based on real-life case studies

About the Speakers

Sue Krause

For more than 15 years, Sue Krause has worked alongside business executives to develop and refine business process, technology, and corporate growth strategies. In her current role, Sue leads a consulting team which designs learning solutions and best-in-class workforce education programs. Prior to joining Bright Horizons, she spent more than a decade as an Accenture consultant. Her analysis and recommendations helped shape targeted investments in technology, process optimization, and people to gain competitive advantage.

Katie Quirk

Katie is the Director of Benefits at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts having joined the organization in September 2011. She manages the design, implementation and compliance of all benefit programs and is responsible for recommending and modifying programs to create…