Solving Biogen’s Work/Life Equation

Top biotech employer adapts to employees’ changing needs with the help of Bright Horizons’ solutions

“Benefit programs like medical or 401k are almost viewed as need to play. These are need to win programs. They make us stand out, and they make us an employer of choice.”

Biogen’s employees are highly engaged and passionate about what they do. But work/life balance is a huge challenge, and the needs vary widely.

The answer: programs that adapt alongside employees’ changing needs. While back-up care can meet the needs of parents and people with elder care responsibilities, an on-site child care center eases the struggle for parents of young children. From there, Biogen found that parents of older children and children with special needs could benefit greatly from the peace of mind offered by educational advisory services.

Watch the video to find out how a full suite of child care, family care, and educational advising programs helped Biogen solve the work/life equation. And download the PDF to get the full data on the success story. 

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