Working Mother: Inspiring Onsite Daycare

child care in higher ed

Why on-site child care?

Let Working Mother tell you.

"One way great companies have found to make going to work easier on parents and their kids is by providing some sort of onsite daycare or childcare," read the December 16 article.

"Companies bank on the belief that making childcare more convenient helps them attract and retain top talent who value family friendly benefits like this."

"Fabulous and Inspiring Onsite Daycare"

We here at Bright Horizons have seen the benefits for 30 years - in happy kids, engaged parents, and productive organizations. Parents tell us they couldn't (wouldn't) work without it. As one healthcare employee said emphatically, "If it goes, I go."

We're ecstatic to see three of our many client partners - Toyota, the Home Depot, and Northwestern Memorial Hospital - among the "5 Fabulous and Inspiring Onsite Daycares" profiled. We've got many more around the country, each one its own inspiring story.

"These centers are far from the norm," read the article, "but we hope that one day they will be."

We hope so, too.

Thanks, Working Mother!

Want to read more about the benefits of children care? Get our Lasting Impact data on the ROI for organizations, here.

Written by: Bright Horizons Blog Editor

January 1, 2020

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