Point. Click. Save A Day: Back-Up Care Goes Mobile!

backup care app

High-tech will never replace a good child care provider (no offense, Rosey Jetson).

But sometimes it can provide an awesome assist.

And with that, we're happy to announce the latest union of man and machine - our brand new back-up-care app. Parents with a surprise child care need (sick nanny, closed schools, unexpected travel) can tap out their request on their phones, find an age-appropriate space at a convenient center, and click reserve. And if they prefer in-home care? View in-home schedules and availability and check out care givers' background, geographic location, years of experience and more.

Point, click, day saved!

The feature is the latest add to a program that already saves companies hundreds of thousands of workdays every year.

"For a working parent, finding out at night that your child care option for the next day has fallen through is an incredibly stressful experience," says our Chief Executive Officer Stephen Kramer. "Suddenly you are faced with worry about whether you will be able to go to work, never mind make that important client meeting. Now parents can instantly see where there is available care and immediately reserve it for the next day, alleviating a huge stress and solving a real work/life problem."

Problem, Solved!

For our more than 800 back-up care clients, it's been a productivity saver. As our friends at Cornell Weill have said, "We could not have somebody who's supposed to be doing surgery at 6 o'clock in the morning worrying all night about what their back-up child care was going to be."

A big shoutout to our technical wizards for the big accomplishment (did we mention it's a first for back-up care?). And to those who prefer the human touch - our ace, award-winning contact center is still on the job.

To Rosie - Elroy and Judy are lucky to have you. But we'll take the warm hug of one of our carbon-based teachers over an XB-500 any day.

Written by: Lisa Oppenheimer

June 15, 2020

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