Celebrating Milestones

Milestones are an important part of life ' life at work and at home.? I feel fortunate to be part of a company that recognizes and celebrates all kinds of benchmark occasions.? Years with the company, the birth of a child, promotion to a new and exciting position, attaining a degree ' all these and more ' events to honor and commemorate. Why this company recognition of both work and non-work events' Perhaps it's because as caregivers and educators, we work so closely with families.? We are integral players in the action-packed world of real-time child development.? First teeth, first words, first steps, first sharing, first arguments, first friendships 'all part of life at a school or center.? We are key players in the important world of family life and family success. Or perhaps it's an extension of our view of the 'whole child.?? We see children as physical, social, emotional, and intellectual beings.? And we're privileged to watch them progress in every area of their lives.? As caregivers, teachers, administrators, we too are 'whole beings.?? We each have a unique story that is part work, part family, part play and more.? And we're lucky enough to work in a place that while respecting our privacy, considers our well being in all facets of our lives. I've been receiving good wishes about a milestone I'm about to enjoy.? My grandson, Eli, will soon join the infant 'class? at a Bright Horizons center!? I've been on a similar journey before, having had my own children attend programs I'd run.? I clearly remember the joys (many) and the angst (some) of 'going to work together,? delighting in my boys flourishing in my programs, and sometimes catching one of them deliver a line to a friend such as, 'My Mom is the boss of this school!?? With perfect hindsight, I can see how their early education helped make them who they are today, but with Eli it's all about the future. Am I anxious' Yes, but very confident that this little guy will benefit from 20+ years of good work by Bright Horizons early educators who are passionate about what they do.? Who recognize that Eli is unique (as are all his new friends) and will take the developmental excursion in his very own way.? His parents' employers will reap the rewards of this new arrangement, too.? After Mom and Dad make their own adjustment, they will be able to commit to the work they love and know that their son is safe and enjoying days of growing and learning.? And they'll share his milestones with new caregivers who will be important in all their lives.

Written by: Bright Horizons Blog Editor

September 15, 2020

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