Bright Horizons' Patrick Donovan on EBN: “Education benefits are a critical offering to retain top talent”

Gen Z employee using her employer's education benefit to upskill

“The American workplace is changing rapidly and so are the expectations workers have of their employers.

“Under pressure to keep pace with technology’s transformation of the labor market, employers are racing to up- and re-skill their workforce.”

So writes Bright Horizons Senior Vice President Patrick Donovan on Employee Benefits News. 

The details follow the publication of our Working Learner Index, further unpacking the survey of 30,000 employees, and illustrating what that data shows, what it means, and how it’s paying out in the workforce – and for employers.  

Among the insights:

  • What Gen Z has to say about education benefits
  • The unequivocal impacts of education on talent strategy 
  • How such programs are playing out across generations

“Data like this may change the calculus for employers considering investments in not just upskilling but education,” writes Patrick.

“Companies must have the foresight to invest in their [employees’] potential.”

Read the whole article, here.

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2019 Working Learner Index

Gain further insights from workers who are currently or have recently engaged in employer-sponsored education.

Written by: Lisa Oppenheimer

December 5, 2019

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